What makes a good BJ: An inside look at the male perspective

hbhblI recently had a conversation that prompted me to question what makes a good blow job- Yes the convo was with a man and yes I, (being blunt and a sex writer) asked. Now before you assuming that I’m  going to provide a detailed diagram or instruction for the inexperienced, for a change… I’m actually going to refrain from further shaming myself and family.
I was a little confused while having this perverted chat which is why I became so enthralled in this topic of conversation. You see, this man was going on about what makes a good BJ, which was when I quickly defended the female race by stating that most women are not about to DO what he told me they should.
Eyes on the man at all times-
Ok Mr, for one, it’s merely impossible to lock eyes without laughing and or looking like a donkey (or is that just me?) Secondly, a glance is an appropriate request but to demand full never-ending eye contact is a little much- believe it or not we need to see what we are doing….. if you don’t agree… then stop complaining about teeth!
No hands-
Seriously? Come on… Your are joking right…? We aren’t all trained porn stars and to be completely honest.. I thought a hand or two added to the experience… no??
The gag factor-
Let me get this straight….. you want eyes on you at all times… but you want a girl to be gagging while she looks at you? That sure sounds attractive.
Women do not know that men are looking for some type of hybrid porn star gag induced BJ. Even if we were all aware of the male preferences, chances are we still wont lock eyes and gag while giving you a double high-five. “Look Mom, no hands, no hands.”
Glad we had this chat.

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